November 7, 2017

External Activities

Our external activities focus on our contributions of giving back to the community and means of demonstrating the laboratory’s core competence, include conducting research based on grants, joining related competition, and trainings for practitioners.

In external activities, there are several kinds of activities, such as

  • Grants and Projects
  • Conferences
  • Competition
  • Visitation

SQE Laboratory on Conference: International Conference on Business and Information Management 2017

SQE Laboratory also joined in International Conference on Business and Information Management 2017 in Beijing. There were several papers submitted in ...
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SQE Laboratory on Conference: 3rd International Conference on Science in Information Technology 2017

SQE Laboratory joined ICSITech Conference on October 25-26 2017. The conference was conducted in Bandung, Indonesia. The theme of this ...
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SQE Laboratory on Conference: IEEE 8th International Conference on Awareness Science and Technology 2017

On 8 - 10 Nov 2017, SQE Laboratory joined into IEEE Conference in Taiwan. SQE Research assistants’ were joined to this ...
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Basic Statistic Training for Bachelor Students 2017

On September 23 2017, SQE Laboratory conducted an external training for Bachelor students. The training focused on Basic Statistic and ...
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SEM Training for Master and Doctoral Programs

On 28-29 August and 4-5 Oct 2017, SQE Laboratory conducted external training specifically Structural Equation Modeling training. This time, the ...
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Adskom Visitation

SQE Laboratory has also visited ADSKOM company on 27May, 2016. ADSKOM Company is empower digital advertising industry with programmatic advertising ...
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Go-Jek Visitation

SQE Laboratory has visited PT. GOJEK INDONESIA on 3 April, 2017. It is located at Pasaraya Blok M, South Jakarta ...
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Multivariate Analysis Training for Bachelor Student 2017

Analysis multivariate training is an external training hold by SQE Laboratory especially for Bachelor students in Industrial Engineering Universitas Indonesia ...
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Structucal Equation Modeling Training for Bachelor and Master Degree Program

For external activities, SQE has several programs, one of them is external training. External training is aimed for people outside ...
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SQE Laboratory on International Conference : Computer Science and Technology, Seoul 2016

SQE also has joined several conferences regarding to statistical, data analysis, and quality engineering topics. One of them was International ...
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